When I first heard the words ginseng royal jelly I was intrigued to see exactly what sort of a supplement was available. Although I am aware of the two ingredients individually I was interested to see what the effect would be when combined. Let us look at the two separately and then sum up.

GinsengThis herb’s medicinal use can be traced back around 2,000 years. Chinese medical practitioners know this by the name “king of herbs”. This sweet tonic herb stimulates, and relaxes the nervous system. What is more it also improves stamina, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as increasing resistance to disease by encouraging the secretion of hormones in the body.

Royal JellyIs packed with natural hormones, an abundance of B vitamins which include thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, pantothenic acid, inositol and folic acid, along with vitamins A, C, and E. It is a highly concentrated source of proteins with 20 essential amino acids and proteins including cystine, lysine and arginine.

So, it would appear that this ginseng royal jelly supplement combines the medicinal properties of Panax ginseng which is also known as Chinese or Asian ginseng, and the amazing qualities of royal jelly. Apparently this combination has made it one of the most popular herbal tonics in Asia. Looking at the purported benefits it would seem that the combination of the two is more effective than if used individually.

Benefits of ginseng royal jellyIt is said to help manage blood sugar, fight fatigue, increase alertness as well as fighting infections. Having carried out research into royal jelly I am aware that this part of the supplement can indeed boost brain function, help heart issues due to the presence of arginine, that it soaks up free radicals really quickly which in turn helps to reduce our stress levels, and it is also known to help suppress chronic inflammation.

Possible side effectsIf you suffer from asthma or any other allergies it is most important that you seek advice from your doctor before taking such a supplement. Some users have suffered breathing problems, and known side effects of ginseng include insomnia, nausea and headaches.

In closing this article on ginseng royal jelly it is understood to be an all natural product with beneficial effects, and the healing and restorative powers of the individual parts seem solid enough, however, getting exact details of all of the ingredients from websites has not been easy.

I did note one comment from a ginseng royal jelly review which stated it has been created from an “original and ancient” recipe – not much use if it does not tell you what the recipe contains! I was also surprised at its vast popularity in the east, but I guess just the mention of ginseng would automatically boost sales as this herb, quite rightly is revered in Asia, and particularly in China. Before committing to such a supplement I would suggest you carry out further research to ensure it is right for you. If it is a boost to your energy levels, and a reduction in your stress levels you are looking for then there are plenty of other supplements which offer much more clarity in the explanation of their total ingredients.

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